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Take part in the Ça roule avec TUL Competition before the end of June 2019
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  • Make a nice, interesting photo with a bike marked with the logo of Lodz University of Technology and the slogan Ça roule avec TUL, rented from any Medina Bike station in Marrakech.
  • Put it on Instagram with #carouleavectul and #lodzuniversityoftechnology hashtags.
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The competition runs from February 28, 2019 to June 30, 2019. All details regarding participation in the competition, its rules and prizes can be found in the Rules.

Entering the Competition is tantamount to the Participant's acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Competition specified in the Rules.

Gestion et Technologie programme

Gestion et Technologie are 4-year engineering studies conducted in French and English at the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) of Lodz University of Technology. As the programme of Gestion et Technologie is interdisciplinary, you will gain education that combines the knowledge of economics, management, marketing and finance with the basics of engineering expertise and technological aspects of the functioning of companies in selected fields of mechanical or chemical industries.

Soon we are about to start recruiting for academic year 2019/2020.

The main courses in this field of study include:
  • Technologie de I'information (information technology)
  • Management
  • Gestion de la production (production management)
  • Projet en groupe (group project)
  • Génie de matériaux (materials engineering)
  • Gestion de ressources humaines (human resources management)
  • Systémes informatiques dans la fabrication (information systems in production)
  • Technologie de I'information (information technology)
  • Bases de la programmation (basics of programming
  • Protection de la propriété intellectuelle (protection of intellectual property)
  • Marketing
  • Droit des affaires (commercial law)
cooperating countries
reported inventions

Why are our study programmes innovative and unique?

Column European Project Semester (EPS) under which students of various engineering and business programmes work in teams on multidisciplinary projects. These projects are carefully selected to match their specialities and capabilities as well as to develop their intercultural communication and teamwork skills.
Column Problem Based Learning (PBL) /Design Thinking (DT) - a studentcentred pedagogical method that allows students to gain competences in given academic fields through solving particular problems while working on a team project. Compared with a traditional educational model, PBL promotes a more independent and creative approach to learning
Mobility Semester for all third-year students giving them the opportunity to study at more than 180 universities in 26 countries under the Erasmus programme. The Faculty also accepts annually about 450 students from universities across Europe.
Under the Double Degree programme, you have the opportunity to obtain two equivalent diplomas during the course of study: the diploma of Lodz University of Technology and the diploma of one of the 5 partner universities: École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers Paris Tech in France École Catholique d'Arts et Métiers (ECAM) in France INSEEC Business School, Grande École de Commerce du Groupe INSEEC in France Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle in France HTW Saar in Germany
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us

Recruitment FAQ

What is the duration of the Gestion et Technologie studies?

G&T studies last 4 academic years which is 8 semesters - 4 summer semesters and 4 winter semesters. Every winter semester starts in October and every summer semester starts in March.

What language are Gestion et Technologie studies conducted in?

Gestion et Technologie studies are conducted in English and French. Both of the languages you should know at least on B1 level.

Where can I live during my studies?

We offer you nine dormitories which provide good living conditions and the right atmosphere to study as well as pleasant ambiance to spend leisure time. The computer network which provides the internet to every room, well-developed leisure facilities, a canteen, student clubs– are just a few advantages of our dormitories.

What interesting can I do after classes?

Lodz University of Technology is the hub of many events and various cultural activities. For many years, it has been hosting concerts, meetings with interesting personalities from the world of art and culture, art exhibitions, shows, screenings, and festivals. It is home to Radio Żak, a non-commercial student radio station.

How much will I pay for the studies?

The tuition fee for studies in English and in French is 8000 PLN per semester. The tuition fee has to be paid before the beginning of each semester.

What academic title will I receive after graduation?

After graduation, you will receive the Bachelor of Science title.                                                                                                                                               

When the recruitment for a Gestion et Technologie programme begins?

Admissions for international candidates starts from the beginning of June each year. Specific deadlines of all recruitment stages for the academic year 2019/2020 will be available in May 2019 on website.

What documents should I file?

A detailed list of all necessary application documents can be found on the website.                                                                           

More relevant and interesting information about studying in Lodz University of Technology you can find in our special guide for students and candidates.
Lodz is the perfect place for a student to live in. It is big and quiet yet everything is nearby and there are a lot of fun activities you can do. I am proud to be a TUL student because it is not like any University. You do not simply study but enjoy learning what is necessary and more in a multicultural environment. I have NO regrets.

- Karim, TUL student

About Lodz University of Technology

Raise your abilities to the nth power
Lodz University of Technology, located in the centre of the country, in Łódź - the city of film and creative industries, is one of the best technical universities in Poland and it is at the top of the ranking The Best in Travel 2019, according to the Lonely Planet.Lodz University of Technology covers a 32-hectare area in the city centre and is housed in modern as well as revitalized, post-industrial buildings surrounded by greenery. Our university has a 75-year tradition and experience in educating engineers. We cooperate with the largest companies in the country and abroad, conduct scientific research at the European level, as well as develop new technologies and patents in cooperation with the best research centres around the world.